Bleuetière l’Or Bleu

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Located in the wonderful region of Stanstead, the farm has known several vocations before engaging in the berry production in 1996.  At Bleuetière l’Or Bleu you will find more than 5500 plants of blueberries along with almost 2 acres of raspberries.  Cherries, gooseberries, juneberries are among the fresh produce of the farm. This year again, it will be a pleasure to welcome you to hand pick your berries.  The fields are well maintained and easy to access..  The personal is courteous and the view is breathtaking !

Stéphane Lanctôt


3465 route 143, Stanstead east

(Québec) Canada J0B 3E0

To contact us :

Tél.: 819-876-7568, at the farm.

Cell: 450-278-8844

State of harvest:


Raspberries will be ready around July 15.


Blueberries, around July 20.


Pick-up will be open until August 30th.


Were are open from 9AM until 6PM every day






Come get a load of antioxydants

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Self picking is a safe activity for all the family if the 2 meter distance is respected.

Clear instructions will be posted at the kiosk for visitors and it is important for 
everyone to follow them in order to reduce the risk of contamination for you and for
farm staff.
A limited number of people may be present at the stand at any time. Surfaces will be 
disinfected regularly.
CONTAINERS: In order to reduce handling and the risk of contamination in addition 
to speeding up payment, containers offered on site will be preferred.
If you bring your own containers, please wash them.