Hand picked price :  $2,40 / lb

Here is the list of fruits and vegetables available at the farm.

Zone de Texte: This small blue fruit considered as best of the world for its food values starts to mature towards the end July.

At counter’s price :     according to the season

Available at the counter.


Hand picked price from :  $2,80 /lb

Zone de Texte: The raspberries start to be ready towards the beginning of July, just a little before the blueberries

Price :  to be determined

Zone de Texte: The sweet corn will be available only at the counter.

Price:  According to the availability

Once again this year we will have a variety of fresh vegetables at the counter. Diversity and the quantity depend on the temperature.

Zone de Texte: Pumpkins and variety of fresh vegetables

Price : From $6,00 for 6

$1,25 / unit

This year gladioli and aster will be available at the counter.

Zone de Texte: For more details
Zone de Texte: For more details

List of produce

Bleuetière l’Or Bleu

Come get a load of antioxydants

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Price :  $2,95 / lb

Come to discover these tasty small fruits the ones as the others.  Not always available.

Zone de Texte: For more details