Zone de Texte: Blueberries

The blueberries are recognized to have an excellent food value and an exceptional quantity of antioxydants.  Very good in desserts and jams.

The product

The seedlings generally start to produce about the 3rd week of July until September according to the season.

Hand picked price :  $2,40 / lb




· Patriot

Large blueberry of mid-season having a good savour slightly acidulous. Easy to gather.


· Northland

Variety of mid-season, very sweetened of an average size.


· Reka

Early variety of average size with a very good savour. Dark colour.


· Northblue

Mid-season varieety with a very good savour. Dark colour .


· Blue ray

Variety of late mid-season with a large firm fruit and a very good savour.

Bleuetière l’Or Bleu

Come get a load of antioxydants